Hexagonal Quilt

I always thought hexagonal quilts looked really complicated to make, how on earth do sew that? But it's actually a piece of pie! And the bonus for me, it's done by hand so no heavy sewing machine to drag out and no risk of noise waking a sleeping toddler! It uses what's called the English … Continue reading Hexagonal Quilt


Pram bag

It has taken a while but it's finally here...the pram caddy pattern! Of course it would have been easier to have bought a pram caddy, but every one I saw was very generic and I couldn't help think 'I could make that!' Its pretty simple to make but if we're to make another I would … Continue reading Pram bag

Mess Free Painting | Messy Play

Want to do messy play, but hate the mess? I love this painting in a bag idea!   One of the hardest things of having a bubba, is finding the time to be creative, the solution getting creative with him! The benefits of messy play with babies is well known, they love the sensory experience. … Continue reading Mess Free Painting | Messy Play

Needle felt Wizard Tutorial

As promised, here's the tutorial to turn you needle felt body into a Wizard! (Click here for the body tutorial, in case you missed it!) For the dress... Pull a piece of roving just wide enough to cover the chest, spilt the ends in half for the arms.  Place acros the front of chest, fold … Continue reading Needle felt Wizard Tutorial

Needle Felt Fairy Tutorial (body)

  Needle felting is still pretty new to me, I started when pregnant as my ever growing belly meant sitting at the sewing machine (and indeed reaching the sewing machine)  was rather uncomfortable! Needle felt, I could with my feet up on the sofa! As always, I watched a few videos, studied a few pictures … Continue reading Needle Felt Fairy Tutorial (body)

Orren’s Baby Quilt

Wow, over a year since my last post, I was away longer than I  thought. But I have been busy...this meme springs to mind! I spent most of my pregnancy making his quilt and having made quilts for other babies I was very excited to finally making one I'd get to keep for my own buba! … Continue reading Orren’s Baby Quilt

Felt Cloud | Bonsai Hewes

For a first attempt I'm quiet pleased with my little felt rain cloud! The felt originally came from a gift, which was supposed to make a bird, but this proved to be way beyond my crafting capabilities. So it sat in a draw for months on end, waiting for some good old Pinterest inspiration! The … Continue reading Felt Cloud | Bonsai Hewes