San Francisco Photography

The City

Taking a Seaplane from Sausalito, a short drive across the Golden Gate Bridge,  we got some amazing views of the city from the air, including some of San Francisco’s most icon landmarks like Alcatraz, AT&T park, Palace of Fine Arts and the Golden Gate Bridge! We took a stroll around Pier 39 to see the sealions and wandered through the Golden Gate Park!



As long as you don’t mind an early start, you can visit Yosemite in a day!  The day we visited a good foot of snow had fallen in the lower valley andee higher up.  It created a beautiful but eery silence and being out of season the park was relatively quiet. The light changes in the blink of an eye, one minute you can see El Capitan, look away for a moment and it’s disappeared behind a blanket of fog.  The mist lifted by the afternoon and the view from the Meadow was spectacular!  Walking out into the middle of the Meadow, head down, carefully stepping through a foot of snow, I hadn’t noticed the beautiful view. Looking up I was greeted by El Capitan and Sentinel Rock, with the mist beginning to creep in around the trees!



You can’t visit San Francisco and not take a boat across to Alcatraz.  The audio tours tells you stories about escape attempts, riots and daily life in the prison.  You can step into some the cells, including those used for solitary confinement.  Graffiti from when the Native Americans occupied “The Rock” can still been seen around the island.


Muir Woods – Redwoods

Walking among the giant Redwoods is a must, even if it makes you feel very small indeed! The land was bought and donated to the government to protect it from the logging industry.  The tallest Redwood stands at 258 feet, this cathedral of a forest is about 800 years old.


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