Christmas Tree Dress

This has to be best Christmas tree I have ever had!  Our mischievous little cat, Zeb, makes having a Christmas hard work.  He delights in climbing or knocking the thing over and has a great time chasing the baubles, he can’t understand how we don’t find it as equally fun!!  Plus we usually go home to our parents at Christmas so we usually don’t bother….but then I came across Christmas Tree Dresses!  How could I resist, I had to make one!

It’s sturdy enough that Zeb can’t knock it over but delicate enough that he can’t find any purchase to climb it!  It’s so striking that I don’t think it needs baubles, so there’s less temptation!

It was surprisingly easy to do, it probably took me about 3 or 4 hours, but it was so exciting to see it taking shape that the hours just slipped by.

To make one yourself, you will need:

  • A dress form (I happened to already have one!)
  • Chicken wire, wire
  • Wire or sturdy ties
  • A top/fabric to make the top of the dress.
  • A Christmas tree.  I used an artificial one (I think you could a real one, but there;s a lot of cutting and fiddling so you’ll inevitably knock off loads of needles, plus some trees are poisonous to cats).

How to do it:

  • Slip the top on to the dress form
  • Wrap the chicken wire around the waist of the dress form to form the skirt and shape – remember the branch will add volume so keep the skirt slightly small than you the dress to be when you’re finished.
  • Cut the branches from the tree, wrap some wire (about 6 inches long) and wrap around the base of the branch, leaving a couple of inches to make a hook
  • Start with the large branches and hook on the chicken wire.
  • Working from the bottom up and keep moving around in circle building up the layers as you go.
  • Step back from time to time and make sure the branch are nice and even.
  • When you reach the top of the wire you need to hide any exposed wire or gnarly ends of the branches.  I cut some individual branches and wrapped them through the wire then finished it off with a pretty ribbon.
  • Then wrap around the lights

I’m going to make a chunky necklace with baubles to disguise the neckline and make the top pretty, I’ll upload the photos when it’s done!

Now, it feels like Christmas!



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