Little Mice | Free Pattern

I came across this gorgeous sewing pattern of two wee mice while browsing through Pinterest and I just had to have ago myself!

Little Mice | free pattern | bonsaihewes

These little cuties and their free pattern were made by Bustle and Sew.  She has a beautiful website with loads of lovely ideas, even the pattern page is pretty! You should definite have a look!

The pattern, which you can find here, is so simple and yet makes something so pretty.  Seeing as I didn’t have any felt in the house, and I was too lazy to go shopping, I used some left over cotton fabric.  The cross stitching along the seams gives a beautiful finishes touch and worth the effort! These little cuties were perfect to hand stitch in front of the TV on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

The pattern suggests using these as a pin cushion, but they are just too pretty for that…I can think of a better home for them!


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