Pom Poms and Tassels| Tutorial

I love these little guys…..

…and they are so easy to make and look gorgeous on cushions, curtains, blankets, dresses, scarfs, even decorating your shelves! Check out Pinterest for some inspiration! Pom Poms! All you need is a folk, scissors and yarn. Pom Pom Tutorial|Bonsai Hewes

  1. Cut about 10cm of yarn and drape between the middle prong of the folk -keeps these out the way when wrapping the yarn, I find this easier than trying to feed the yarn between the prongs later!
  2. Simply wrap the yarn around the folk 20-25 times, depending on thickness of the yarn.Use the piece of yarn cut earlier to tie half a knot around the yarn, keep it tight and pull the yarn off the folk.
  3. Pull the knot as tight as possible and complete the knot.  Gently tease the yarn at the sides down to fill the gap

Ta Dah! Gorgeous mini pom poms! These little beauty are roughly 3cm across.

Tassels Ditch the cutlery and grab some card that’s the same length you want your tassel to be. Tassel Tutorial|Bonsai Hewes

  1. Cut a length of yarn about 10cm and across the top of the card and keep the out of the way (again this is easier than trying the tread the yarn through the loops later!).
  2. Make sure the loose end of the yarn is at the bottom of card and wrap the yarn around the card about 20 times. Cut the yarn at the bottom of the card.
  3. Tie the yarn at top of card tightly so you really pinch in the yarn and slide of the card
  4. Cut another length of yarn 10-15cm and tie fairly tightly around the yarn roughly 2cm down from the top, cut the excess.
  5. Slip the scissors through all the loops at the bottom and cut.  Trim the ends to the same length

Voilà! Your very own hand made tassels! Depending what you plan to use them for, you might want to cut the tails off. I will be sewing these lil’ beauts on to an old piece of ribbon to use a trim so I’m going to keep the tails on.  My next project is to make some new cushions with the trim – I’ll blog that project when I finished with it!

I’d love to see what you do with yours!!


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