Arm Knit Blanket | Free Tutorial

For regular visitors to my blog, you may remember I started an arm knitting project a few months ago, well…..I finally finished it!!

(I only bought a couple of balls of yarn to see if I liked it but the store ran out, so I had to wait while until it came back into stock!)

Here is the finished master piece and shots of it in progress!)

The blanket is so warm and the yarn is beautifully soft, perfect for snuggling into on these chilly evenings! So cozy it gets the cats seal of approval!

Arm Knitting Tutorial | Bonsai Hewes

I found the tutorial on Pinterest by Simply Maggie.  She does a great video tutorial and she makes some lovely scarfs, definitely worth checking out!

Arm knitting may be my only venture into knitting – I just suck at regular knitting!  Knitting needles are too fiddly for me and its takes so much concentration – it gets me really frustrated.  But arm knitting is so much easier, I think for me not having tools is the key!  The movement is nice and repetitive so it gets into muscle memory – which means my concentration is freed up to chilled out and watch TV or listen to music while doing it!

I will be honest, it took me a lot longer than 45 minutes to make, probably nearer 3 hours!  I don’t really have the patience to sit still for that long, so I used my hubby’s weight bar to transfer to knitting on to so I could get off my arms for a break.  I think Lee was slightly offended his weight bar was used for knitting, but at least it was getting some use!  It’s just so new that it took me a while to get into the rhythm, but I was getting much quicker towards the end, so the next one definitely won’t take as long!

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