Felt Cloud | Bonsai Hewes

For a first attempt I’m quiet pleased with my little felt rain cloud!

The felt originally came from a gift, which was supposed to make a bird, but this proved to be way beyond my crafting capabilities. So it sat in a draw for months on end, waiting for some good old Pinterest inspiration!

The only specialist bit of kit you need is a felt needle (I’m not even sure if that’s the right name for it I’m such a novice at felting). I believe your meant to use craft foam, but I used a kitchen sponge and it did the trick! You’ll also need an embroidery hoop, fabric and of course un-spun wool fleece (the felt).

Felt Cloud | Bonsai Hewes

Pop your fabric into the hoop, pull off small pieces of the felt and roughly pull apart.  Place on the fabric in the pattern/shape you want with the sponge behind and basically stab like crazy!!

Getting the shape of the droplets was a little tricky, to neaten the edges I found it worked well the use a finger to roll the edges into the middle, hold the wool and stab, a little slower and carefully around the edges.  I think you can use cookie cutters but I found free handing it worked ok! I could have spaced out the drops a little better, there’s a bit of an annoying gap in the middle, but maybe I’m being too picky!


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