Arm Knitting | Free Tutorial

Finally finished it!! Check it out here.

There has always been one weakness in my crafty skill set…knitting! I once tried to make a scarf, using the most basic of stitches and knitting in a straight line, I couldn’t do it! The scarf went wonky at the ends, I got terribly frustrated and gave up! I just can get my head around how knitting works and the muscle weakness I have in my hands also doesn’t help manipulating knitting needles!

But seeing beautiful chunky knitted blankets on Pinterest sparked my interest so much that I thought I’d try my hand at knitting once again! And when I say ‘hand’, I mean it quite literally!

I found this fab tutorial on youtube for arm knitting by Simply Maggie! It’s a brilliant video, her instructions are so  easy to follow! Plus, her dog in the background is so cute! What’s even better, there is not a knitting needle in sight!

I only bought a couple of balls of yarn to try it out first, so I don’t have enough to finish the blanket. I need to order more so I’ll put some photos up once it’s finished, but here it is so far!


3 thoughts on “Arm Knitting | Free Tutorial

    1. It’s gorgeous yarn, really soft! I’m actually surprised how easy it is to knit! As I don’t have enough yarn to finish it in one go, I’m using my hubby’s dumbell bar to sort it on with a weight on each so it doesn’t fall off! He’s really pleased about that!! X

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