The Small Weekender Bag | Free Pattern

I am such a bag whore! Nearly half of my sewing related posts are bags, so why break that habit now!

With a few short breaks coming up, I decided I needed a new weekend travel bag, and of course I wasn’t going to buy one, so here it is!

I used a method I learnt from making my Make Up Bag to give the bag a boxed bottom.  It’s a great trick for giving the bag some volume and shape – which I will tell you more about in a minute! But first, let me talk you through the steps so you can make it yourself!

Before you get started, you will a couple of things, in addition to the usual sewing paraphernalia. One, a 30in zip and second, four 25mm D-rings to attach the handles to the bag.

Now, print the pattern (set your print to 100%) and cut out your all pattern pieces and iron the interfacing (medium weight) on to all pieces bar the lining fabric.

The first job – handles. Hem the edges – fold the short ends in twice about half a centremeter each time, so the raw edges are all tucked in. Next fold the long edges in by about half a centremeter, then fold in half lengthways and sew all the way around.  Slip the end through one of the D-rings and fold the end of the strap back on itself by  4-5cm and sew. I sewed this a couple of times to make it really sturdy, you don’t want the handle falling off! Just make sure you fold ends of the handle the same way at each end. Your handle should look a little something like this….

Next to make the tabs, put two tabs right sides together and sew around leaving a gap in one of the long edges top pull the right way round. Then, fold the open edges in and sew all the way around.  While stitching the top isn’t entirely necessary I think the detail gives a nice finish! Now slip the tab through the D-ring attached to the handle and fold in half. Use the marking on the pattern piece and pin you tab in place. Starting sewing the tab about half way down, you won’t be able to sew any higher due the D-ring. Again I sewed this twice.

Time to add the pocket into the lining. I also used some interfacing on this to give some strength. Dead easy, hem the top by folding the edge in twice and sew. Fold the other sides in once and pin and sew into place.

Now for the zip! Adding the zip was a little tricky because of the curve, my advice take your time to get it right and go pin crazy!  The lining will pucker a little, but don’t get stressed, it will sort itself out! Make sure the handles are tucked right down into the bag, you don’t want these getting in the way!

To sew the zip, lay one of the lining pieces face up on the table, then place the zip face up, then the outer fabric face down, line up the raw edges and sew. Take your time on the corners! Once finished flip the lining over so it’s the right way around.

Take the other lining piece, lay it down right side up.  Take the piece you have just sewn, place it with the outer fabric facing up. Lastly, put the outer piece face down and line up the raw edges.  If you are a visual learner, like me, here is a really good video by Made Everyday to show how to do it! Make sure to back stitch the ends to keep the zip nice and secure.

I know this seems like a marathon, but we’re nearly finished!

Time to tell you about this neat little trick for boxing the corners! I learnt this from So Sew Easy make up bag tutorial, so if you want, watch the video here, the bags are different shapes but it’s the same technique.

Fold out the bag so the lining are facing each other and the outer pieces are facing each other.  Sew around the edges of the bag, but do not sew the cut out corners, marked in red on the pattern.  On the lining pieces, leave a good few inches along the bottom un-sewn so you can pull the bag the right way around.  Once this is done, it’s time to sew the corners.

To do this take the in side corners of the square and pull them out, like opening a bag of crips, this will magically if you a straight(ish) edge.  Make sure the seams you have already sewn line up and sew along the edge.  Repeat for all four corners and trim away any excess.

Finally, pull the bag through the opening in the lining, push out all the corners and sew up the lining…your all done!

The Small Weekender Bag|Pattern 3The Small Weekender Bag|pattern 2The Small Weekender Bag|Pattern 1The Small Weekender Bag | Pattern 5The Small Weekender Bag | Pattern 4

The Small Weekender Bag|Bonsai Hewes|Free Pattern




8 thoughts on “The Small Weekender Bag | Free Pattern

    1. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get back you, I’ve been crazy busy in my new job! The whole pattern is there, you have to use pattern 2 (the bit the square in the corner cut out) twice, add it to the bottom of pieces 1 & 3 to complete the pattern. Does this solve the issue? I will have another look at pattern this weekend and make sure it all fits, x

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