Fabric Bracelets | Tutorial

This project really ought to have been easier than it was! It seemed so simple! To be honest, it is really simple but I’m no good at fiddly little things! It gets me all frustrated and stressed out!  But, I have to say, even though I was pulling my hair, I’m glad I stuck with it and I love this bracelet!  I may even make more…once my blood pressure returns to normal!

All you need for this project is a long, thin length of pretty fabric, about 2.5cm x 37cm, this length would go around the wrist twice, unless you have tiny wee wrist like me! You will also need matching thread, a piece of thin cord or (what I used) embroidery thread, a few charms or beads (with a wide-ish hole) and a clasp…and some patience!!!

Fold the fabric in half, length ways, right sides together, with the cord running down the centre. First, sew across the top, making sure you sew through the cord, you will use the cord to pull the fabric the right way round. Make sure it’s sewn tightly, you do not want the cord to pull through the fabric – this is what happened to me, aargh! Then, sew the down the length of the fabric, leaving the end open.  Do not sew through the cord on the inside…I did this second time around! Even more aargh! Snip the closed corner of the fabric and gentle you’ll the cord from the other end, the fabric should start to pull through and come out the right way round! Here’s a really helpful video by FashionSewingBlogTV to show how do this, she made it look so easy!

Hopefully, you’ve made less of hash then me at pulling it the right way round! Now just tuck the raw ends inside the tube and put in a couple of hand stitches in to secure. Slide on any beads or charms you might want.

There are a couple of method you could use or fastening you’re bracelet, you could simple tie the ends together in a little knot, or if you’re really clever, make a sliding knot to adjust the size.  To do either of these methods you will need to make the length of the fabric quite a bit longer. Or, like me, you could hand stitch a clasp and chain to each end.

While this project almost gave me coronary and took several hours, it really isn’t that hard!  Just make the cord is securely attached so you don’t have to resort to using a crochet hook to pull the fabric with!

And there you have it, a beautiful dainty bracelet, perfect for summer! What do you think..?


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