Pleated Clutch Bag | Free Pattern

Yes, I know, it’s yet another bag…but they’re just so pretty and practical! And again, I upped the ante to push my set skill, more so the pattern design than the sewing.  Figuring out to assemble the bag was the trickiest part, but luckily for you guys, I’ve done that hard bit for you!

What do you think…

You will find the pattern at the end if this blog and here are the directions…

What you’ll need:

  • Outer fabric
  • lining fabric (about a metre and half of both ought to do it)
  • wadding
  • iron-on interfacing (medium strength)
  • magnetic clip
  • contrasting ribbon (optional)
  1. Firstly cut the fabric and wadding using the pattern at the end of this post.  Top panel is 42cm x 12cm and the main body is 42cm x 20cm, including a 1cm seam allowance.  If you are adding the ribbon cut this a little longer than the length of the bag.
  2. Fold the pleats use the guides on the pattern, once you are happy with them pin and tack in place. Tacking them with a couple of hand stitches holds the more securely than pins!
  3. Iron on the interfacing to all four pieces of the top panel. Your first job at the sewing machine is sew the top of the bag, take two of the stripes, line up the edges with the right sides facing. Sew leaving one of the long edges open (this will be the bottom edge).  Repeat for the other two pieces.
  4. Next attach the magnetic fastenings.  Find the middle of each stripe and measure down about one inch from top (the long edge which is sewn together.
  5. Now, you are going to want to straighten the top of main body of the bag for the outer and lining fabric as well as the wadding. When making the pleats you are making the top of the bag shorter than the bottom, so the fabric will curve slightly.  Here’s where a ruled cutting mat comes in very handy, it helps get the right angle.Pleated Clutch Bag|Free Pattern|Bonsai Hewes
  6. If you’re adding the ribbon pin this to outside of the top panel half a centimeter from the edge, put the pins in at right angles to the ribbon, so if the needle will roll off if it hits a pin.
  7. This can be the tricky part, it’s all about the layers! First lay the down the one piece of wadding, then one piece of the outer fabric, face up. Now place one of the top panels down, ribbon side down, button side up.  Then lay one piece of the lining face down. Make sure the top edge lines up.  You will find the lining and wadding are slightly longer than then out fabric because of the pleats, you can trim these down once it’s all sewn.  Now repeat for the other side pieces.Pleated Clutch Bag|Free Pattern|Bonsai Hewes
  8. Now to sew it all together. You will need to tuck the top piece in to the centre so they don’t get stitched together accidentally. Place both sides so the outer fabric is right sides together and line up the top of the bag.  You are going to sew each layer together separately, i.e. Lining to lining, wadding to wadding and outer to outer.  Fold out the lining fabric so they are right sides together and sew. Make sure to leave a good-sized gap at the bottom to pull the bag through at the end. Now, fold out the wadding and sew all the way around and repeat for the out fabric.
  9. Using the gap left in the lining pull the bag the right way out. The top panel piece shouldn’t have been sewn together. You can choice to leave these open if you want, but the bag might not close securely.  If you choose to sew them shut simply line up the sides and sew.

Here’s the pattern…Large Pleated Clutch Pattern Bonsai Hewes

Wow! That is quite an epic tutorial! well done for sticking with it until the end! Assembling it can be a bit challenging so if you get stuck, get in touch and I’ll help you out! Hope you like it!



4 thoughts on “Pleated Clutch Bag | Free Pattern

    1. Hi, sorry I forgot to write the measurements on the pattern. The top panel is 42cm by 12cm and the main body is 42cm by 20cm, including seam allowance. If print the pattern on a4 should print the right size. I think the piece of fabric I use was about a meter. Hope that helps! X

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for the interest in my blog! I’d be more than happy for you to share my work on your site! You have some lovely patterns, I’m liking the fabric bins! I would love to contribute to your Pinterest board, I’ve just starting to follow you so just send me an invite!
      Thanks x

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