Sewing Machine Cover | Free Pattern

For all it’s hard work and taking the blame for my mistakes, it’s time to show my sewing machine some love!

It didn’t  seem like a particularly exciting project, but my sewing machine is on constant display on my desk, so taking the time to make a pretty cover was as aesthecially needed as it was practically needed.

The  pattern is easy to make, I’ve posted the pattern I used for my machine, but the dimension might vary depending on the size of your machine!  To make your pattern, measure the height, width and depth of the machine.  It should look a little bit like this….

Sewing Machine Cover  Free Pattern  Bonsai Hewes

Once you have the basic pattern you can choose whatever design you want.  You can keep it simple by using just the one piece of fabric or divide up the pattern to make patchwork, just remember to add in the seam allowance!

I wanted a slit for the handle in the top, so I could carry the machine with the cover on. To do this cut out the top panel and lay it on the top of the machine, feel for the handle and mark it out.  Use a craft knife to cut out the rectangle.  Careful cut a small slit into the corners like so…

This will let you fold the material over so you can hem it.

Now, to sew the pieces together simple sew the side pieces to the front and back pieces, right sides together.  Then sew across the top to join the side pieces to the top piece. When sewing the top together., make sure you catch all three corners (from the side, top and front pieces). To do this make sure the are folded out flat and the stitches over lap by one or two stitches.  Then to finish, simple hem the bottom.


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