No Sew Fabric Pin Board | Free Tutorial

This is an easy one, not a sewing machine in sight!  The perfect project for a lazy Sunday morning!  The beautiful fabric could be a piece of art in itself and they are a wonderful way to display photos, card, recipe cards, to do list, whatever you want really!

For this fabric pin board you will need, a canvas board, staple gun, wadding, fabric, ribbon and scissors.

Fabric Pin Board | Bonsai Hewes

Lay the board on top of the wadding and fabric, cut around leaving a couple of inches all the way around.

Staple the wadding to the board.  Try not to hit any existing staples and watch those fingers! Keep it tight at the corners.  The wadding only needs a few staples, just enough to hold it in place.  The fabric will have more staples, so no need to go over kill now!

Then do the same for fabric, pulling the fabric a little tightly, but not so much the you can see the pulling on the right side.

Next, staple your ribbon, you can lay out the ribbon any way you want, just make sure the ribbon is pulled tightly across the fabric, so it will hold your photos, cards etc!

Here it is, looking gorgeous on the living room bookcase!





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