Pouffe | Tutorial

Oh the trials and tribulations of sewing! The sewing went well, the stuffing less so!

I have been meaning to make a pouffe for my little legs to rest on for a long time and the Amy Butler fat quarters I was given for Christmas was just the inspiration I needed.  The fabric is beautiful and gives our new sofa an injection of brightness and colour!

I even taught my self how to sew piping! I found Debbie Shore’s you video and Neverland Creations twitter advice, of pin and tighten,  extremely helpful!  Sewing piping wasn’t anywhere near as difficult as I thought and, even though it’s a little loose in places, I’m very pleased with how I turned out!

For this project I used 5mm piping, 2 meters and shop bought bias binding, if it comes pre folded, iron this out.  Then, simple fold the tape in half with piping inside, right in the fold.  Line up the raw edges of the binding with top edge of the side fabric.  With you zipper (or piping foot if you have one!) sew on the right side of the fabric, nice and close to the piping cord. When you come to sew the side piece to the top piece push the piping gently towards the needle to ensure it’s really tightly sewn.

Making the pattern:

I haven’t made a pattern to share you this time, partly because this pouffe is far to big to fit on a A4 paper and it’s pretty simple to make yourself.

Choose whatever size you want your pouffe to be. Tie a piece of sting to a pencil, that is half the size of the diameter (the widest part of the circle) to find the radius.  Find the centre point and draw out, keeping the string tight.  For the side of pouffe you need to work out the circumference, for this times the diameter by 3.14 (pi).  Here’s a helpful guide!

I sewed the bottom piece like a envelope pillow, so I could easily remove the stuffing to watch the fabric.  This is basically the same size as the top piece, cut in half with about 2 inches added the centre of each piece and sewn so the open edges overlap.

If you are making your pouffe from patchwork like mine, you simple add your seam allowance to each side.

I did make one discovery when making this pattern, which seems so obvious now.  I hardly ever have paper larger than A4 in the house, which can make making large patterns tricky. But, I realised that in fact I do have larger sheets of paper…old and used rolls of Christmas wrapping paper!  It’s not great as it pretty thin and tends to curl but it did the job!!

Stuffing the pouffe wasn’t quite as straight forward as  I hoped. At 185cm in circumference and 25cm high it’s a pretty sizeable shape to fill.  I decided that foam was the way to go and conveniently I had a load going spare from our load sofa! But trying to the layers cut it to right size and shape using our bread knife was a nightmare! It still needs some work to rid of its lumps and bumps but for now it will do!  At least our cat is happy with it, even though it was made for him!!

Pouffe | Bonsai Hewes

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2 thoughts on “Pouffe | Tutorial

  1. Lovely fabric.Great job on the piping. Perhaps next time I’ll get brave and try it. I had the same dilemma this week with a pouffe I made. I used cotton fill stuffing and still had lumps :D.

    1. Thank you! I had another go at trying to smooth out the lumps, but I’m beginning to think that cotton fabric isn’t quite strong enough to contain the stuffing, but the fabric is so pretty I’ll give the bumps! Piping was surprisingly simple, check out the Debbie Shore youtube video I linked. But give it a go and let me know how you get on! Thanks for taking the time to comment! x

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