Handmade Elephant | Free Pattern

I love this little elephant, with his floppy ears and little tail.


I found many free patterns for elephants, but most of them were 2-D, in that the elephant had no gusset to allow for four legs, instead leaving it with only half the number of legs! These patterns were still very cute but, me being me, I had to go the extra mile and make it more authentic.  It took me ages to make the gusset the right size and I’m still not sure it is the right size, but it worked well enough.

It is now a gift for my little cousin, sitting with her other stuff animals next to her cot!



2 thoughts on “Handmade Elephant | Free Pattern

    1. Hi,
      The elephant I made had a body length of 24cm (including a 1cm seam allowance). But you can make it whatever size you like! I should also say that the sole of feet are optional, you can just sew the bottom of the leg up, I was experimenting!

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