Scissor Holder & Pin Cushion | Pattern

Scissor holder and pin cushionA simple but very useful project this week!  I am a rather messy  and disorganised person at the best of times and I’m even worse when it comes to sewing.  My room is littered with scraps of fabric and various tools! So I made this to help get my stuff in order!

Scissor holder patternI found this great pattern to make the scissor holder, I only needed two pockets, as I only have two pairs of scissors, so I adapted the pattern but losing the last panel of the right side but the method is pretty much the same.  You can find the details of how to make it at Scissor holder

I also teamed the scissor hold up with a pin cushion.  This was dead simple to make.  It just two pieces of complimentary fabric cut in a circle.  Put the pieces right side together and sew all the way around, leaving a small gap to turn it the right way out.

I want to be able to secure the pin cushion to scissor holder so I wouldn’t lose it.  To this simple cut a small length of ribbon, folder in half and sandwich between the two piece of fabric (with the loop in the centre and the two raw edges alond the raw edge of the fabric, but over hang thScissor holder pin cushione ribbon slightly to make sure it won’t pull out). I the same with the scissor holder.

Fill with stuffing and ladder stitch the gap shut.  I used embroidery thread to create the sections, pulling tight each time to create the shape and using a button to hide the slight mess in the middle on both sides! I then found a button to attach to the ribbon onto e scissor holder, one small enough to fit the loop of the pin cushion but big enough so it would not pull through easily!

Simple but effective!!


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