Satchel Bag | Project

Cath Kidson’s bags are beautiful and they inspired me to have a punt at making my own!

I used Tanya Whelan’s Scattered Roses fabric from her Sugar Hill series, with yellow trim to give it a fresh look.


I used some vilene iron-on interfacing to give the fabric some rigidity to hold it’s shape.  I wasn’t sure which level of firmness to go for, so I plumped for medium, while it worked, a firmer interfacing would probably have achieved the look and shape a satchel better!!

I loosely based the pattern found here I love this pattern, it pretty simple to make, but did I make a few changes to make it easier for a novice like me!!!

I finished it off with magnetic fasteners, lining and zip with matching tabs to give a more professional appearance!  To complete the look I will, at some point, add some slide belt buckles to the straps!

For a first attempt, I’m quite pleased..!


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