Baby Wong’s Quilt

You can imagine my family’s excitement when my cousin announced she was expecting
her first child, the first baby in the family for a long time!
Baby quilt
Of course, I was always going to hand make a gift for Baby Wong. After a lot of thought ploughing through ideas on Pinterest, I eventually settled on making a quilt.

I spent months planning the design and selecting the fabric.  The pattern I opted was fairly simple to design and piece together, ‘stitching in the ditch’ was easy with so many straight lines to follow.

Choosing the fabric was probably the most challenging.  We do not yet
Baby quilt know whether Baby Wong is a girl or a boy. So instead going for gender neutral colours, I went for a mix of blues and pink, along with yellows and greens! I wanted a balance between creating a more sophisticated look whilst maintaining a child-like design.
Learning from past mistakes, I took my time carefully measuring and cutting each square to make sure the would line up perfectly when assembled.

I am amazed at how easily it came together, don’t get me wrong it took a long time and I moments of frustration with it.  But I am so pleased how it turned out…I hope Baby Wong likes it when he or she arrives into the world next week!!!

Baby quilt


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