Hi, I’m Sarah!

I have always been creative in one way or another, but it has been in the last few years that I Mehave really started discover what materials, styles and methods I prefer.  I love the opportunity to experiment and find new and different projects and skills.
Fabric birds

My chosen craft tends to be with fabric.  I’ve made patchwork blankets, little birds, bags, cards, all sorts of things.

I look for Make up baginspiration everywhere, from my friends, nature and I spend far too much time on Pinterest!! I often give things I’ve made to friends or family and have some many strewn across my house!! Through blogging I hope to share my ideas and projects and discover new inspiration.


As well my passion for fabric and sewing, I also love photography.  Before training and qualifying as an Occupational Therapist, I worked as an assistant photographer for 4 years.  I loved my job, but there is always a risk doing your passion as a career.  With the pressure of deadlines and loosing some creative freedom, I began to loss the passion I once had for photography and opted for a career change.DSCF2664

Combining my love of photography and travel I hope to continue to  rediscover my love of being behind the camera!

My newest pursuit is cooking. After years of flirting with vegetarianism, I have finally decided it is the right lifestyle choice for me.   I will be sharing my experiences and recipes along the way.

Moroccan vegetable tagine

I hope you enjoy looking through my blog.  I’ll be upload a new project each week.


I would love to hear you comments on my projects or answer any questions you have….

You can find me on Twitter


and Pinterest

All my love, Sarah xxx


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